Filipino Actress Bella Padilla's O Skin Routine

Filipino Actress Bella Padilla's O Skin Routine

Celebrity ‘Citings’: Filipino Actress Bella Padilla Uses O Skin Products in Her Skincare Routine

In her latest video, Filipino actress Bella Padilla shares her skincare routine where she uses a number of O Skin products to keep her skin rejuvenated after a long day of wearing makeup.

“It’s been more than a month since I shot my skincare routine video in Paris…my skin has improved so much. It’s so soft.. so smooth and so supple. And I have Miss O to thank for.”


Bela’s Evening Skincare Routine

In her video entitled “My skincare routine…,” the Filipino British actress says that she is “completely obsessed with this routine” and has seen amazing results from using O Skin products for just a month. She starts with washing her face with the Olivia Quido Cleansing Milk. “I spoil myself with skincare…so a pea-sized portion (of the cleansing milk) will be fine but since I was out the whole day and I had make up on, I really wanna spoil myself because I was super tired and my skin is also super tired…,” she says.

After rinsing and wiping her face dry, she reaches for the Balancing Toner, and gently dabs it on her facing using a cotton pad. Then she takes 2-3 pumps of the Active Moisturizer to moisturize her face. Her next step involves applying a few dabs of the Secret Radiance Night Lightening Cream to address the redness in her chin area and cover up an ‘acne mark.’ “I’d like to use this on my neck about once or twice a week to even (it) out,” she added.

Another amazing product she showed in the video was the Olivia Quido Secret Gold 24k Mask. She said she only uses the product sparingly as advised by Secret Gold creator Olivia Quido-Co. She did not use the mask in the video as it was not her scheduled “mask night” yet.

She then ends the first half of his video to say goodnight and invited everyone to keep watching for the other half as she shares her morning skincare routine.

Bela’s Morning Skincare Routine

Fresh from waking up, Bela shares her morning skincare routine starting with washing her face with a Cleansing Milk by Olivia Quido Skincare. Followed by a few dabs of the same Balancing Toner, and then her “favorite part” which is applying sunblock. She uses the Olivia Quido SPF 50 Sunblock with Lilac Stem Cell. “My favorite part of this sunblock is…for people like me who doesn’t like lotion or stuff that are too creamy. This (sunblock) dries like powder so you can  applying the sunblock on her face.

Video Update

In the latter part of the vlog, Bela shares a video of her in Dubai. She filmed the video to share an update of her Skincare routine after using O Skin Products for more than a month.

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