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Founded by Olivia Quido-Co or Miss O, as she is fondly referred to, the O Skin Med Spa was built through Olivia’s success helping people clear their skin of unwanted acne, hyperpigmentation and signs of aging to achieve truly remarkable results.

Let Us Treat You to Expert Care

Olivia's mission is to provide the finest esthetic care, by delivering customized treatments to help you optimize your skin to its highest potential.

O Skin Med Spa offers the latest in-spa and at-home treatments to help you acheieve Olivia's renowned "O Glow".

“I have devoted my life to creating beauty and bringing wellness to everyone I touch and I do that through treating their skin.”

— Olivia Quido, Founder of O Skin Care

Customized Treatments

All of our services begin with the O Skin Signature Facial and then layer customizations to meet your skin’s specific needs. We provide an expert skin analysis to inform your personalized treatment journey.

O Skin Signature Facial

This advanced brightening and tightening facial gives skin back its youthful glow. Instantly effective, it immediately lifts dullness and plumps the skin while helping diminish the look of dark spots over time with a vitamin C and hyaluronic acid infusion. Skin looks firm, refined and brilliantly luminous.

Includes pore extraction, diamond tip microdermabrasion, neck, shoulder, arm massage, hand & foot parrafin dip and massage for a truly restorative experience.

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Our Advanced Facial Treatments

We use the most advanced methods available to customize your treatments and delivery based on your skin’s needs.


A customizable technology that gently exfoliates, increases micro-circulation and delivers nutrients to the skin.

LED Radio Frequency

A mild electrical current stimulates skin with ultra violet light, used for clearing acne, increasing collagen and circulation.

Diamond-Tip Tool

A crystal-free microdermabrasion procedure that uses a diamond cut tool for professional level exfoliation.

Jet Peel

Combines oxygen, water and treatment serums into a powerful jet stream of micro-droplets.

Oxygen Therapy

Rejuvenates and hydrates using high pressure oxygen to infuse the skin with treatment serums and hyaluronic acid.

LED Light Therapy

A non-invasive treatment that uses light energy to stimulate a reaction in the skin to promote cellular growth and repair.


Gentle and precise removal of peach fuzz and dead skin cells that allows for more effective treatments.


Using micro currents of radio frequency to tone, lift, and firm the muscles in your face. Used to create definition and sculpt.


Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and other antioxidants or nutrients are pushed into the skin via non-invasive technologies like oxygen or jet streams.

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A Premier Med Spa Destination

The O Skin Med Spa is lead by O Skin Medical Corp and renowned esthetician, Olivia Quido-Co.

Schedule a consultation to meet with one of our skincare professionals where we will discuss your options and help you create a custom treatment plan to acheive your personal skin goals.

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Medical Treatments

All medical services are performed by O Skin Medical Corp. Together we'll customize an approach to your beauty goals with the latest med-spa treatments.


A non-surgical therapy that activates skin regeneration and collagen production.

Dermal Fillers

Customized injections to restore volume, treat lines, and contour the face and lips.

Kybella™ Injections

A non-surgical series of injections that help reduce and shape the area under the chin.

Pigment Correction

A multi-layered skin treatment to brighten and even skin tone and target dark spots.

Laser Hair Removal

Safe and effective full body laser hair removal using the Lumenis LHR medical device.

IV Treatments

Customizable vitamin and antioxidant injections to target health and beauty needs.

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