Olivia's Interview With Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Olivia's Interview With Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

How did you get your start in the skincare game?

Let’s start with how I became interested in skincare and how I got to the US where I took a course in cosmetology and eventually switched to skincare. When I was younger I was always fascinated with personal care and hygiene. My mother is one of my earliest inspirations and role model because of how she maintains looking neat and polished. I had to battle acne in my teenage years so I started getting regular facials and pimple extraction treatments, hence my exposure to the skincare game.

In 2003, I went to the US to mend a broken heart. I went to school and took up cosmetology and, during that time, I realised that I was more interested in researching different skin problems, so I switched to skincare. It was also around the time when medical spas were becoming popular, so it was a competitive field to begin with, but I’ve had some help as I met people in the same industry who would offer me helpful tips and advice. Above all, God ultimately guided me in every decision I made and opened opportunities that I could only dream of – from leading me to the person who would soon lease out a room at her salon for me to start my business, to meeting celebrities and prominent people who have happily collaborated with me.

How have you evolved your company?

I started my practice in 2003 inside a leased spare room in a beauty salon in Artesia, CA. With only $1,500 in savings, I took a leap of faith and started my own small business as I learned the ropes of being an entrepreneur in a highly competitive industry. I had my share of ups and downs as I tried to build my client base by offering facials to key folks, in order to establish a network of connections. I distributed flyers to different supermarkets, offered facials for $45, at times even giving $10 discounts to clients who requested it.

In 2007, I had saved enough money, experience and a decent amount of clients to be able to move to a bigger clinic. By 2012, we opened our second branch in Eagle Rock Plaza Mall and the following year, we moved the Artesia branch to Cerritos Mall in order to accommodate our increasing clientele.

Now, we have two branches, 12 treatment rooms, three consultation rooms and a wide range of skin treatment services; from facials, 3D eyebrow sculpting, IV glutathione, Botox and fillers, to stem cell rejuvenation, and ‘Magic foundation.’ We have also launched our own skincare line, The Olivia Quido Skincare, which are distributed globally; mainly in Nepal, San Francisco, Virginia Beach, New Jersey, Baltimore, Philippines, Cebu, Canada, Dubai and in London.

Our skincare line would eventually make it to Hollywood’s radar where it made its debut to red carpet events such as the Academy Awards. Then, in 2019, we became the official skincare line of the 2019 Miss Universe Pageant held in Atlanta, Georgia. O Skin Med Spa is also considered one of the most sought-after Filipino-owned medical spas in Southern California with over 40 employees, mostly Filipinos comprised of licensed nurses, estheticians, doctors, micro-blading artists and a board-certified plastic surgeon.

What sets Olivia Quido skincare apart from the other products on the market?

All of our products are results driven: we see to it that our products produce visible results in the soonest time possible. We use top-of-the-line ingredients from different parts of the world when formulating our creams and solutions and I also believe that the heart and soul you put into conceptualising and producing a product is a big factor.

I don’t think there is a single thing that sets our products apart but I do know that in everything that I do, I always put God first. Whenever we have a new product being made, I pray for it throughout the process – I believe that everything I have is from the Lord and He has to power to bless the products supernaturally.

What is the philosophy of the Olivia Quido skincare brand, and how do you work to spread that philosophy?

I think my vision on O Skin care began long before we opened the business, because my journey to regular facials (as a result of having acne) started at a young age. One day, after getting treatment, I noticed that, while my pimples eventually lessened, I was left with a very noticeable skin discoloration. So, even though the treatment solved the acne problem, there were still traces of skin imperfections and that was when this question hung over my head as I began to contemplate starting my own skincare brand someday. I wondered; what if there’s a product or treatment that will not leave any scar or traces of acne? Or a solution to acne that will leave us with a flawless face and an even skin tone? This, essentially, became my vision and my philosophy was: You are your most beautiful when you have good skin.

I want women to feel that they are at their most beautiful because of their skin. So, in every service that we provide or products that we launch, our goal is for consumers to have that flawless skin that gives them confidence.

What is the most rewarding part? 

There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing how we changed the life of a person through our products and services. You know you are making a difference when a client comes up to you and tells you how she regained confidence or how her outlook has changed because her skin condition improved. A satisfied customer is the best reward.

You just recently launched a home collection, tell us about the inspiration behind that. What caused you to include home care into your portfolio?

We often get compliments from our clients regarding our throw pillows, sheets, blankets, etc. when they go to our spa. So we thought, maybe it’s a great addition to our portfolio since these things also serve their purpose in self-pampering. Just like our skincare line, we want to convey the same luxurious comfort you get from our products and services – only it is through the things that you use inside your home – from mattress toppers to towels and rugs.

You are the hallmark of Filipino beauty products, how do you want your legacy and empire to continue to grow?

With the help of my team, we will be creating more products that are skin-corrective and ultimately life-changing. God-willing, these products will make it to high-end stores nationwide.

How have your past experiences/your background influenced your drive and success?

I have always been a go-getter and very driven. Once I set my mind onto something, I would go to great lengths in order to achieve my goal. And being in an industry where there could be more red tape involved, there would have been moments when I could have just given up on my dream but I didn’t. Instead, I used these obstacles and challenges to push myself harder and stay determined.

Where do you see Olivia Quido skincare products in the next five years? 10 years?

God-willing I hope and pray that our market would reach a worldwide status. I don’t know (yet) how the Lord would make that happen but that’s been my dream. I would also love to see our products on the shelves of Sephora or Ulta, and in department stores.

How do you want women and men to feel when they use your products?

I want men and women to feel both happy and excited about using any of our products. I want them to look forward to using it because they know it’s working and they are happy with the results that they see and how soon they see it. More importantly, people who are happy with your products tend to stick with it which builds customer loyalty.

How do you take a break from work? What are your hobbies?

When I am not working, you would find me spending quality time with my family, either just chilling at home watching Netflix while the kids play, or eating out somewhere. The kids and I also bond over arts and crafts and we also take vacations when we can.

How would you summarise the Olivia Quido experience/empire in one sentence?

‘By God’s grace, anything is possible. Obedience to God unlocks blessings that are beyond your imagination.’

Source: Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

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