The Secret Is Out: Say Hello to Brighter Underarms!

The Secret Is Out: Say Hello to Brighter Underarms!

It took 2 years to make but we assure you, it is worth the wait. Olivia Quido Skincare launched the Underarm (UA) Brightener last month. In a recent episode of The Miss O Show, Ms. O excitedly talks about the newest addition to her line of products made to help address a common issue that causes some women to feel insecure or less-confident.

Following the release of the Milk Brightening Bar a few months ago, O Skin VIPs and “Beauty Besties” are already expressing their excitement for the newly-launched product.

One VIP member said, “Goodbye to the ‘dark part’ of my life!”

In the product launch episode, Ms. O talked about the underarm area being the toughest one to treat due to factors that cause underarm darkening. These include friction caused by frequent arm movements and the use of underarm products that contain aluminum.

“Having dark underarms is one of the most common concerns that women have. Some women, in spite of having beautiful arms, are not confident to wear sleeveless shirts, because they are conscious about their dark underarms,” Ms. O says.

What’s in the UA Brightener?

Underarm BrightenerThis right here is our favorite part. We love giving our readers a closer look at our products by talking about each ingredient and its benefits. We are happy to say that all these ingredients are very effective in treating “dark spots” but are safe enough to use everyday.

  • ALPHA ARBUTIN - A naturally occurring antioxidant and brightener that lightens the skin and reduces UV induced pigmentation. Prolonged use also helps even out your skin tone. This ingredient is also used in our Secret Radiance and Milk Brightening Bar products.
  • AZELAIC ACID - The word “acid” may sound intimidating, but don’t worry, this type of “acid” is the good kind of acid. It is a natural acid found in grains and is present in most skincare products used to address acne, skin discoloration, and others. In our UA Brightener it is used to attack bacteria and fighting underarm odor. It is a mild ingredient and does not sting. Azelaic Acid also helps refine skin’s surface to reveal a more even skin tone.
  • CAPRYLYL GLYCOL - This ingredient helps soften the skin to help get rid of those unsightly bumps and “chicken skin” on your underarm. As an emollient, it helps support a healthy skin barrier. It also works as a humectant, which means it helps retain skin moisture.
  • 4-BUTYLRESORCINOL - Some time ago, we made a blemish eraser which proved to be so effective that it sold out in less than 2.5 weeks. And one of the main ingredients in that product is the 4-Butylresorcinol. It is basically one of the best ingredients on the market for preventing skin darkening. It is very effective in treating Melasma and hyperpigmentation.
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