Eyebrow Sculpting at O Skin Med Spa

Eyebrow Sculpting at O Skin Med Spa

Transform Thin Sparse Eyebrows Into Full, Naturally Arched Shapes with Semi Permanent Scultping

Many people are born with naturally thin and sparse eyebrows. This is true for most Asians in the Far East who have really thin eyebrows. The search for fuller and more luscious eyebrows bring them to permanent tattoo eyebrow shapers that end up having a fake, perfectly unnatural arched look and turns to a green, red or blue color as they fade. Olivia Quido, skincare specialist to the stars, offers a very natural looking eyebrow shaping technique at O Skin Med Spa.

"If you have not had a permanent eyebrow tattoo yet and you are always bothered with drawing eyebrows everyday or if you have over plucked or had a bad wax experience, I have a natural looking semi-permanent solution - eyebrow sculpting,” she says.

Olivia adds, “Good-looking eyebrows are essential because they frame your face so if they look messy and strayed, your face appear different. So it is important that the eyebrows are shaped either full or thin and naturally arched to achieve a beautiful frame to your face. Eyebrow Sculpting, of course depends on the shape of your face. If you have a round face, your eyebrows should be arched and pointy. If you have a long oval face, your eyebrows should be straight/horizontal. It is unique to each one’s face shape.”

Eyebrow sculpting is a very tedious aesthetic procedure. Olivia explains “It takes roughly an hour and a half time to perform and I personally do it with much care and precision.” The most adored skin care esthetician in LA recalls the arduous hours and weeks she has spent studying this in Asia to perfect this procedure.” She adds, “The eyebrows sculpting will look really natural because what I draw blends in with the hair and the arching becomes so flawless, I also consider hair color. I make sure that the hair color matches with what I apply.” she beams.

Olivia’s passion for this craft has kept many clients abuzzed with this delicate but popular O Skin Care service. In fact, Olivia is swamped with schedules for eyebrow sculpting. It is the hot commodity in O Skin Care now. “Since I am the only one who does this eyebrow shaping, my schedule has been filled up quickly but I make sure that everybody gets to have it immediately since I personally love doing it”

So for most of you who are having embarrassing experiences in the gym when you sweat off your eyebrow penciled make up or you have a slumber party with your friends and your eyebrow make up messes up and loses its color, here is an easy semi-permanent solution. It is guaranteed no swelling and it is natural looking. It is almost like you were born with this nicely shaped eyebrows.

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